Music video for Qasim Naqvi's album "Teenages" out on Erased Tapes.




LORELEI is a short dance film directed by Christina Burchard, featuring original music by Jessica Weiss and starring principal dancers Jeraldine Mendoza and Dylan Gutierrez of The Joffrey Ballet. Choreography for this pas de deux was created by Joffrey Ballet Master, Nicolas Blanc.


The ballet is based on the myth of Lorelei, a supernatural being who haunts the shore along on the River Rhine. In this version, Lorelei falls in love with Henri, a young fishermen, but she is cursed and held to ransom by the very thing that haunts her the most. She is fated to kill. This haunting tale explores the energy of longing, and the movement of desire, as Lorelei and Henri dance this pas de deux quite literally to death.


In the final moments of the piece, Lorelei take Henri to her underwater abyss where he drowns and they can be together forever.


Director + Cinematography


Surreal landscapes create fantastic fata morganas and time is captured by the sun. A young woman wanders the desert and encounters a spirited pair of ex-convicts. Like hallucinatory apparitions they draw her into their home. Existing in a sort of purgatory, these feral characters (non-actors and true desert natives) are bracingly candid and hyper-real.