Documentary Series - Season 2



The Confession Tapes is a true crime series exploring cases in which people have confessed to crimes they did not commit. It follows the convicted and uses the confession tape as a primary document to examine the phenomenon of false confessions, The series is an exploration of the malleability of memory, the hard press of “junk science”, and ultimately, the subjective nature of our own personal narratives.


Season 2 premieres on Netflix in 2019.


Emmy Nominated Documentary Series



Why We Fight follows a charismatic young prizefighter named Zac Wohlman on a pilgrimage around the world, meeting professional fighters and delving deep into their lives and dreams. All the while, Zac is confronting his own demons - a dark childhood and a devastating addiction to painkillers. ‘Why We Fight’ is an eight part docu-series about winning, losing and the search for one’s true self.

SPYBALL : ESPN 30 for 30

Documentary Short



Christina Burchard and artist Daniel Newman tell the extraordinary story of Moe Berg, a baseball catcher and atomic spy. Berg walked in eclectic circles, counting Babe Ruth, Albert Einstein, and the Marx Brothers among his friends. Casey Stengel called “the strangest man to ever play the game of baseball". During WWII, Moe was sent on a top secret mission to determine if Werner Heisenberg was helping the Nazis build an atomic bomb.