Dance / Music Video

One year after the album Chronology was released on Erased Tapes, Pakistani-American composer Qasim Naqvi shares the video for Head Within a Head. Directed by L.A. filmmaker Christina Burchard the video stars dancers Matthew 'ET' Gibbs and Renee Kester.

About the piece:

"For Head Within A Head, I continued my collaboration with dancer Matthew Gibbs and we invited Renee Kester to join us. Qasim and I talked a lot about the nature of the song, and his relationship to this broken down, temperamental Mini-Moog. He was constantly having to wrestle the instrument, contending with its quirks to bizarre ends. Sounds would appear or disappear on their own. Ultimately, he found a flow that was quite beautiful and strange. I wanted Renee and Matthew's performance to render a similar labored, symbiotic, and almost parasitic quality to their movement. The sound elements could be described as alien, but also organic, like muscles and bones stretching and grinding together. I love the focus and concentration in their eyes. There's a potent brew in that focus. They surrender to each other despite the difficulty and its spellbinding." — Christina Burchard, director